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Leitgiris re-enacts 9th-13th c. Baltic warriors. Our main purpose is an authentic presentation of how our ancestors looked, their warfare culture, customs and, of course, combats. We usecopies of the weapons and gear used by ancient Lithuanians, Yotvingians, Curonians, Aukštaitians, Samogitians, Skalvians, Selonians and other Baltic tribes. Everyone keen on stepping into the shoes of a medieval Baltic warrior and experiencing the glorious past is welcome to join us.


The members of the club actively develop their skills in various Baltic crafts - leathercraft, weaving, sewing, fibre dyeing, tablet weaving, nalbinding, woodworking, blacksmithing and many more. We do our best to recreate various household items, clothing, armour and even weapons. We also enjoy mead brewing and other delicacies of medieval cuisine.


The purpose of our educational programs is to introduce the early medieval period, when Lithuania was in the process of becoming a state. We introduce the public to the Baltic warfare, medieval entertainment and games, various crafts and domestic life. Everyone will find something they like most.

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The Legend of Leitgiris.

  • Many a castle stood in that land and each of them had a king.

    Rarely would the dukes of different tribes unite to repel the wicked foes invading these lands, greedy for wealth and slaves. More often would these dukes silently grin at the misfortune that had befallen their neighbours - weakening them and making their fortresses an easier prey... As the bitterly cold winter came, new evil foes appeared, relentlessly pillaging our lands. From South-East bogs, the Slavs were seeping in, not satisfied with pillaging, they aimed for conquering. From the North and the South, the German hordes were plundering the lands and trying to uproot the common folk from the old ways and gods. The land worn out by the local wars between the kings and dukes, was plundered without mercy, the regions slowly crumbled, and many burning castles lit the night...

  • In the middle of the land, where the enemy was not yet present, men of all descent gathered to speak of the common woe.

    All have gathered - the glory-seeking Yotvingians, the stubborn Samogitians, the travelers of many lands - Skalvians and Curonians, the battle-hardened Lithuanians and Selonians, as well as many other men from other Baltic tribes. United by a common goal, the oath to ancestors - to protect the native land whatever the cost. They argued fiercely, which is the biggest foe - the cunning Slav or the vicious German? But ‘twas the ruler, who out of revenge or greed, let enemies attack the neighbour in need. Or when he’s safe, he treats his subjects worse than Slavs treat their slaves. Agreed they had, to stand strong and stand united, the only way they could honour the oath to the ancestors.

  • In the ancient woods, where the old Gods live, they found an old oak and swore to it to treasure the heritage of the ancestors...

    To walk the path they had shown, to never kneel to Slav or German, or any other subduer of their tribe. The people have responded to this call, and bravely gathered at the oak - men, skilled in warfare, as well as bright women, skilled in household keeping… Men gather from the lands of Ašmena, Nalšia and Pilsotas, Upytė and Ceklis, Dainava and Sėla. Assembled they in single force, each bringing the best of his tribe. Jatvingians - their viscousness, Lithuanians - their cunningness, Samogitians - their composure and wariness. The folk from different tribes, who did not want to bow to tyrants of foreign or native lands, united. The whispered word in the shade of the sacred Leita’s oak created a community, which unified the experience and strength of all the tribes. It grew so large - it filled the ancient woods, and home they had to go, to fight and die they way they vowed in Leita’s woods. But if the ancestors’ lands would call for arms, all - young and old, had to rise and journey to Leita’s forest boldly.

  • Leitgiris

    A community uniting people (warriors and craftsmen) who honour their ancestors pledge in Leita’s forest - without heed to one’s tribe or faith to contribute the best they can, let it be mastery of weapons, crafts, or words of wisdom, to common cause - of striking back to foreign conquerors or local traitors. In such a way we can defend the insights, oaths and memory of our forefathers.

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Phone: +370 699 41231 - Žalčius

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Mailing address: Bendorėlių 1-oji al. 48, LT-14196, Bendoriai, Vilniaus r. sav.